For almost a decade each Group   Blacksmith Brigantine   distinguishes itself in the insurance mediation sector as a company from   REFERENC IA   in the field in which it provides its services.

  It was not easy to become   REFERENCE , the quality and solvency of our competitors, and the The demands of a more and more informed and informed client have been an important incentive to maintain our corporate values ​​and apply them to our day-to-day tasks.

  In the following pages it is shown which: We are, how we are and where we want to go. The path to the   EXCELLENCE , that we hope you will travel with us      

Nuestro Equipo

Consejo de Administración de Herrero Brigantina:



Gonzalez Herrero


Degree in Economics and Business Studies at the University of Oviedo and studies of   Degree in Law from the European University of Madrid and the Dublin Law School, &nbsp Master Executive MBA,   Title Insurance Mediator Group A,   Provincial Director in Spain SA Responsible Territorial Galicia Insurance and Pensions Business at Banco Santander. Currently President of the Herrero Brigantina group.



Maseda Rodriguez


Private Insurance Mediator, Specialist in Risk and Investment and Complementary Social Forecasting
Elaboration and Evaluation of the Business Plan ( IGAPE ), Independent Financial Advisor for Investment Funds and banking products. With 15 years of experience in Commercial Development for first level companies.



Álvarez-Hevia González


Law degree from the University of Oviedo,  
performing juridical practice at the Consejería de Economia y Empleo de Principado de Asturias in the Business sector.  
Private insurance mediator, specialist in savings and investment, as well as as in Insurance Data Protection of the Insurance Sector ( CECAS ).


juan manuel

Juan Manuel

Vidal Pardo y Pardo

Legal Adviser

Licensed in right in the CEU University, Civil and Criminal Procedural Practices Courses , the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid, currently working as a lawyer since 2003 where I have been in buffet of DON FERNANDO PEREZ-PARDO BELASCOAIN , CODERE SA . And currently working on his own and   Director of the Legal Department of HERRERO BRIGANTINA DE ECONOMIA S.L.


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Álvarez-Hevia Gonzalez


Private insurance mediator, e specialist in Risk and Investment ; ny Complementary Social Provision, specialized mainly in advising individuals and SMEs.
PDD Program Implementation Coordination with INADE.
Preparing and Evaluating the Business Plan ( IGAPE ).