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GRUPO HERRERO BRIGANTINA offers its Financial Advisory services in international markets and offers you the possibility of making direct investments or financial transactions through Unit Linked vehicles.

Family Office

GRUPO HERRERO BRIGANTINA offers an exclusive service aimed at centralizing the management and protection of family assets.
Some advantages of hiring our Group as your Family Office are:
  • Protection of heritage by minimizing its costs.
  • To promote the growth of the patrimony based on its risk profile, assigning the appropriate assets, from the hand of specialists.
  • Efficient planning of heritage succession between generations.

Juridical services

GRUPO HERRERO BRIGANTINA DE ECONOMIA provides its service in all areas:
  • Civil Law: banking, civil liability, traffic accidents, debt claim, drafting of contracts and debts.
  • Commercial and corporate law.
  • Criminal law.
  • Labor law and social security.
  • Administrative and contentious-administrative law

Risk Management Consulting

The Risk Management Consulting service offered by EL GRUPO HERRERO BRIGANTINA is a structured forum to manage uncertainty and mitigate its possible consequences. Our strategies include transferring risk elsewhere (insurance strategies) and evading or reducing the negative effects of risk (Compliance strategies for companies and individuals)

Operador Financiero Global

GRUPO HERRERO BRIGANTINA is dedicated to the provision of financial services, both through mediation with credit institutions and directly financing the requested operations.

With the aim of getting help, we have a team of professionals who will be in charge of the negotiations with the Financial Institutions, in order to obtain the best market conditions, from the independence and transparency that characterize us.


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